Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winery Adventure Day One

This next week, I will get to have more than my share of wine as I visit a large number of Texas Hill Country wineries. The first leg was a trip to the northern hill country. My husband Sean and I decided to split it into two days. Day one is now in the books.

We started at Fall Creek, one of the best known and most commercial wineries in the hill country. When I go check out wine at my local grocery store -- HEB -- they dominate the shelves with their Fall Creek label, the Ed's label, and the Twin Springs label. This beautiful place -- stunning actually -- provides a great entry point into Texas wine. The wines here are solid and nice, and best of all, they are very affordable.

Next we traveled on to the best spot of the day: Alamosa Wine Cellars. Winemaker Jim Johnson saw to our tasting -- of really great Texas wines -- and our education. We stuck around for awhile, chatting with Jim and then his wife Karen. I have to say this is a friendly place and reminds me of my favorite 290 wineries. This is a MUST visit, and I recommend a visit to the winery if possible (they also have a conveniently located tasting room in Lampasas). And best of all, we can thank Jim for the next big Texas wine, Tempranillo.

We ended at Fiesta.Winery. This quaint winery was one that challenges convention. Much of their selection is not just wine but wine blended with fruit. There are some interesting flavors to be found, but it isn't just wine. Their strictly wine options are very typical of reds, and the stand out is their Tempranillo.

What vast diversity met us on day one. It was a lot of driving and sight seeing along the way, but the drive provided nice breaks between the wineries. It was a great way to start my week.

NOTE: I will provide more extensive posts on all the wineries, especially Alamosa, so check back soon.

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