Tuesday, June 5, 2012

23. Wine Friends: #TXwine chat on Twitter

23: Wine Friends
Make new friends, keep the old
One is white, and other red,
and blush, sparkling, and ...

Right now, the Texas Wine chat on Twitter is wrapping up. Tonight was a great experience talking to other wine lovers, wine writers, and the always useful wine professionals (without whom there would be no great discussion). There were lots of great pictures, but the sharing and replies were the best part. In fact, this is what wine is all about and is the essence of my favorite winery visits.

As my husband (the gaelbach on the Twitter event) always says, wine brings people together. On some winery visits, we get to chat with the owners (recently McReynolds, Westcave, Alamosa, and Texas Legato wineries). Sometimes, we get to just have a nice time chatting with the staff; Henri at Becker is always fun. Then there are all the other enthusiasts we meet. Last year, for our shared birthdays, we took a limo wine tour along 290. The six other people on the tour and our guide Darrel (who we often see and still chat with) made the day a memorable one. We enjoyed the wine and the company.

This is the beauty of wine. It provides a topic to share, allowing strangers to be friends for a moment. It helps us get past the structure and stiffness of everyday to be a human again. It is one of the world's most beautiful creations. And visiting the Texas wine country personifies this well.

Thanks and cheers. Can't wait till next time.

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