Friday, September 7, 2012

Bending Branch Charity Pro-Am

For those who are in or will be visiting South Central Texas next weekend, there is a great event just waiting for you to attend: Wine and Tennis Doubles Pro-Am at Bending Branch.

Next Friday and Saturday (Sept. 14 and 15), Bending Branch Winery in Comfort will be hosting a tennis event. This charity fundraiser will go to support the Boys and Girls Club of Comfort. There will be lots of great things going on. First, the kids from the Boys and Girls club will get some great tennis lessons. For those just coming to watch, there will be doubles tennis featuring amateurs paired with professional tennis players. And for those not interesting in tennis, there will be live music and great wine.

The low down is simple. For $25, guests will get to enjoy two days worth of doubles tennis. They will also get a complimentary beverage of their choice -- including the great wine at Bending Branch. And all that money is going to charity.

If you are not a tennis buff, you can still stop by the winery and enjoy a tasting, glass, or bottle at the normal fee, and you can enjoy the live jazz music on Saturday for free.

What's not to love about this? So despite my very busy schedule next weekend, I still hope to come by for a bit and cheer on Bending Branch. And as Brenda Young told me back in July when I visited, they hope to make this a regular event, so if you miss this year, make plans to come by next September.

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