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TX Wine Twitter Tuesday -- Jan.8 at Vinoulsy Speaking

TX Wine Twitter Tuesday is nearly upon us -- this Tuesday, January 8. Texas wine lovers will gather on Twitter. From 7pm-8 we will discuss Texas wine and celebrate the great wine bars, shops, and retailers that help to bring Texas wine closer to all of our homes. And to make it even more fun, we are doing meet-ups and some of those great locations.

 It doesn't matter where you are, you can join us. If you are near any of the major hubs, there will be gatherings somewhere. If you are interested in joining us, I will direct you to the best two lists out there. Our fearless leaders, Russ Kane @ Vintage Texas and Jeff Cope @ TX Wine Lover have the entire lowdown.

For the San Antonio area readers and wine enthusiasts, I have you covered. There will be a tweet-up at the new Whole Foods @ Bar Blanco (Blanco and 1604 at the Vineyard). However, may I recommend joining me at Vinously Speaking?

Meet-up Vinously Speaking

Cecilia Barretto and Melissa Unsell at Vinously Speaking have an incredible event planned. It isn't just a tweet-up, but a whole lot more. I'll be coordinating the Twitter Chat, but they have the rest well prepared. So, what wonders will they unleash?

For starters, this is more than just a Texas wine tasting and tweeting; this is a Vinously Speaking tasting. The wine starts to flow at 5pm (two hours before the tweeting begins) and will run through the Twitter chat at 8. And it isn't just great wine. All six wines featured will also be paired with barbeque sauce (and great meat to go with that sauce). Guests can come at any time, and if you can't stay till 7, we would love for you to swing by after work, do a tasting, and then re-join us online at 7.

And to prepare your taste buds, let me give you a quick look at the six featured wines from two of my favorite wineries: Pedernales Cellars and Bending Branch Winery. (And best of all, representatives from both wineries will be out to help taste some of the great wines that are available for purchase at the shop.)

From Pedernales: These wines will be priced right to tempt your palate and take home. These wines have some bite and are highlighted by the brand new Albarino. This wine is normally not available outside of the winery, but Pedernales decided to bend the rules just for this Tuesday. And let me say, it is a bold, crisp white that has great fruit notes on the nose; please don't miss the chance to try this wine in San Antonio.
Armadillo's Leap White
Armadillo's Leap Red
2012 Albarino!

From Bending Branch: Two great Texas wines are in the line-up: Texas Tannat and Newsom Vineyard Tempranillo (a softer, smoother one compared to the bolder, earthy Armadillo's Leap Tempranillo blend). And to set your lips to puckering, the Picpoul Blanc will also be there for tasting. I also heard that Bending Branch may bring out a few more for tasting only, but these three great wines will be available to buy.

Texas Tannat
Newsom Tempranillo
Picpoul Blanc

I hope you can join us, either at one of the main wine bars and shops or just online. And of course, for those in the San Antonio area, please come out to Vinously Speaking; it will be a great time.

Find Vinously Speaking at ...

7271 Wurzbach, Ste 117 – San Antonio, TX – 78240 (
They are at the corner of Wurzbach Babcock in the shopping center behind the McDonald's
Date & Time:
Tuesday, Jan. 8 from 5pm-8pm

Tweet Sheets

Below are Tweet Sheets you can use to help you follow the chat and send tweets. To see larger, or view a slide shot, click on the picture.

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