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#TXWine Twitter Tuesday -- March 12

March 12, 2013 marks the next installment of #TXWine Twitter Tuesday. Wine lovers will descend upon Twitter to talk about three top Texas Wines.

MARCH 12 Event
The March edition of Imbibe Magazine is all about Texas. And Texas wine writer Jessica Dupuy (@JDewps) provided an article on some of her favorite Texas wines. To celebrate Texas and the national attention our local industry, is receiving, Jessica will host #TXWine Twitter Tuesday as we talk about three of the wines from her article.

The three wines chosen for the night include: 
  • Duchman Family Winery Aglianico
  • McPherson Dry Chenin (which Jessica helped make) in lieu of the McPherson Les Copains, featured in the article but which is sold out
  • Pedernales Texas Tempranillo

These three wines are a first for our event, as all are winery only wines. However, our hosts at #TXWine Twitter Tuesday worked out a special offer to have the wines packaged and shipped. The wineries are graciously offering all three wines for $36 plus shipping.  Go to and click on Buy and then Online Store and look for the special TXWine Twitter Tuesday 3 Bottle Set. 

Please be aware, this special TXWine Twitter Tuesday 3 Bottle Set offer is available until Friday, March 8.  Place your order by then and you should receive the wines in time for the March 12 Twitter Tasting.

 For more info, check out Denise Clark (@deniseclarkeTX) and Jeff Cope (@TXWineLover).

 Please join us online. And when you share, make sure to add #twine to all of your posts!

About #TXWine Twitter Tuesday

*The following is an excerpt from my article "Chatting About Texas Wine: A Look at #TXWine Twitter Tuesday" for Texas Wine and Trail. To read the entire article, head over to Texas' newest online wine publication.*

What is a Twitter Chat?
For those not familiar with Twitter, a Twitter chat is when a group of like-minded individuals come together and tweet (jargon for a Twitter message). The chat is schedule at a specific time; #TXWine Twitter Tuesday starts at 7 P.M. CST on the second Tuesday of every month. At that time, participants head online to Twitter or a related Twitter program; TweetChat and TweetDeck are two of the most popular for following a Twitter chat. Once signed in, participants engage in a live chat by following others posts and partake themselves.

When participants wish to join in the chat, they must make sure to add the required hashtag (#-symbol with the correct name). For our event, all postings must contain the #txwine hashtag. This is extremely important. On Twitter, the only tweets a person generally sees are those posted by the people the account holder follows. However in a Twitter chat, chances are there a number of people involved that the participant doesn’t follow. In order to read posts by all the people taking part, the participants need to follow the required hashtag. When the hashtag is selected, especially in a program like TweetChat or TweetDeck, the participants will see all related tweets.

#TXWine Twitter Tuesday
The length and breadth of Texas is filled with wineries and wine drinkers. Getting a group of this size together in one place proves difficult. The virtual world of Twitter offers just such a gathering place: a place for all sorts of Texas wine drinkers to come together and share and learn about Texas wine. On any given #TXWine Twitter Tuesday, I come away knowing more about Texas wine and about my fellow wine drinkers.

There would be no Twitter chat without our hosts. To start each month’s event, they choose a topic to focus what could be a rather random and chaotic chat. During the chat, our intrepid hosts take on the responsibility of directing the tweets. If we have multiple small topics, they help move along the conversation so we can get to each planned point before our time runs out. They also help newcomers join in the conservation, as well as help regulars take part. Without us noticing, our hosts make sure to help conversations move by asking questions to participants and retweeting interesting comments.

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