Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July & TX Wine

We have a tradition; we spend 4th of July in the Texas Hill Country. There is plenty of great live music and, of course, Texas wine. Today, Sean & I started with our 2 favorite stops -- Becker & Pedernales.

Sean LOVES chili. So Becker's annual chili cook-off is a must. We always show-up early for a tasting; Henri showed us through an uncharacteristic tasting of whites -- the new Albarino is light and soft, but the award winning Viognier is lush. We followed with a leisurely chili tasting, drinking Tempraniilo. Sean's favorite was a competitor from Hye -- a fellow Flocker & Hye Society member! We had fun chatting, eating, and drinking.

Our major stop is Pedernales Celkars. The kite flying us a unique event of wine, music, food, and kites. This family friendly event is relaxed and friendly. This year, San Antonio's Monz Bonz BBQ is here to add some great tasty treats, along with yummy chocolate cupcakes from the winery.

I'm lucky to live so close to such wonderful places, where I can enjoy great wine, food, and company on such an important day. I don't need fireworks with all this greatness. Thanks everyone & happy 4th if July.

*Please excuse mistakes, as I'm writing this on my phone while drinking Pedernales' Miscato Giallo on the winery's front porch!

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