Friday, May 30, 2014

A Great Pairing: Texas Wine Chocolatier Moves into New Shop in Boerne

For longtime Hill Country wine visitors, Cathy Locke has been a regular Saturday fixture. Her smiling face was often the first to greet folks at a number of wineries along the 290 trail. And what she brought with her added that extra bit of delight to already great days. Her chocolates became a regular perfect pairing to a number of Texas wines. Recently, she celebrated the grand opening of her new stand-alone shop. Now, some of Texas' best chocolates can be found at Cathy’s Fine Chocolates in historic downtown Boerne.

Cathy has been an important supporter of Texas wine, as many of her truffles are made with Texas wine. She adds great Texas wine to the chocolate ganache in the truffles. During her grand opening, she offered three Texas wine truffles: a Viogner, a Tawny Port, and DBS (McPherson’s well-liked blend). In the past, a variety of wines from a number of Texas wineries have found their way into her truffles. Texas wine favorite Tempranillo has often been one of the chosen few. And Cathy doesn’t choose just any Texas wine; she makes sure to use the best Texas wines she can.

Cathy does offer a number of other delectable truffle flavors that pair well with Texas wine. Her spicy offerings, like Habanero Sea Salt or Ghost Pepper, are the perfect blend of dark chocolate and heat that goes well with Texas whites, either dry or sweet. Texas flavors like Lavender pair well with light reds and dry whites.  And the more traditional truffle flavors go well with about any wine. Sitting out on a number of Texas winery patios sipping on wine is made better with one of Cathy’s confections.

At her new shop, Cathy has made a number of other chocolates available. Chocolate covered fruit, fudge, and other unique creations can be found at Cathy’s new location. The shop allows for a larger selection of truffles and other confections, a bonus for wine drinking chocolate lovers.

For now, Cathy won’t be found along the wine trail. Her chocolates can still be found at wineries along the trail, but to see her and her larger portfolio of chocolates, a quick trip to Boerne is all that is needed. Her quaint little shop can be found at 233 South Main Street Suite K. Visit her site and Like her on Facebook for more details. So before the next round of winery visits, stop in and stock-up on one of the best Texas wine pairings.


  1. Great to see and good luck to Cathy!

    1. Robin, Jeff, Jesse, Cindy,January,Lee, and all of the fantastic Texas Wine Lovers,readers,wine club members I want to thank you from the bottom of my chocolate heart! Thank you! chocolate first after your sip of Texas Wine!

  2. My gosh! The shop looks absolutely adorable. I don't see a wine chocolatier every day and that is quite a pleasing novelty. Chocolate wine sounds so lush. I'm quite curious to how it'll taste. I hope I can visit Cathy's one day. Congratulations to them for opening up a new shop!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match