Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cheers to National Poetry Month: Wine and New Poetry

Spring is upon us. The wildflowers flood the highway embankment in a delirium of colors. A flurry of energy sweeps between the vineyard rows as the first buds break through. The days are noticeably longer, and the sun is warm and growing hotter. With April, Spring is in full bloom. In April, writers also celebrate National Poetry Month.

It seems absolutely natural that National Poetry Month occurs at the beginning of Spring. So often, we associate poetry with the most life affirming aspects of nature; of course, Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. For poets, the Spring breathes new life into our words. We find a new fount of inspiration break from the frozen earth of our winter-chilled minds. Just like the world around us, we are warmed by the sun and invigorated; we itch to bring new life into the world. National Poetry month allows us to revel in the moment; it allows us to honor those brave writers who struck out before us; it allows us to encourage those who have yet to let words take flight.

I have found myself swept up in it all. I have spent many of Winter's Spring-like days basking beneath the sun and drinking wine. I also ventured out as Spring approached to wander about vineyards that were slowly warming and finding new life. In the end, as I journeyed among some of my favorite places, I found inspiration. It took root in my sleeping mind and began to grow. The ideas have begun to bloom and beg to be shown to the world. Ah Spring, a delight that entices the brave forward.

So, for National Poetry Month, I am dedicating every blog post to poetry. I have so many unfinished poems, so many swirling ideas, that I cannot but give life to them. As the buds break and a new season is upon us, I take up the task of returning to where this all started. So for April, I will write poetry, poetry about and/or inspired by wine and the wine country I call home. For each week, I will offer a new poem and some photos. I may, if time allows, write poetic inspired posts about wine and wineries (no guarantees of that though as finals are quickly approaching).

So for the next week, settle in for a treat of wine and poetry, for Vitis Poema.

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