Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Breath of Treasures: Ruminations on Tasting Tempranillo*

Glints of ruby peek
around fanning leaves, push through
coffee, chocolate soil.

Gently, my fingers slide past
the skin, sugar trickles out.

Pontotoc Estate Vineyards



          Tracing new grass stalks,
          a trail back along the sun’s path:
          turned earth, warm perfume.

          Drowsing, my eyelids flutter
          to the rhythm of cicadas.


Burning orange fades, red
deepens from purple to blue:
dusk sky swathed in clouds –

Swollen clouds expand to airy
thinness below sodden ground.

 *Inspiration: Pontotoc Vineyards 2012 Estate Tempranillo and a trip to Pontotoc &Mason, TX

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  1. I've read this several times, now. This is a titillating, sensual poem.