Tuesday, April 17, 2012

14. Liquid Inspiration

14. Liquid Inspiration

Courage is said to not come in a glass,
which begs to mind, what about inspiration?
Can indulgence,
a sip,
spark the mind
to speak beyond
what is routine?

Cannot a letter or a word bring
to life new visions that plumb the depths
of every experienced emotion? What
about an act --
a kiss,
a touch, a mere smile?
Can these not makes us swell
with more than what we see
before us?

To look into a glass, to see
a jewel:
garnet, ruby,
a dark as night amethyst,
a lemony citrine.
To taste heaven -- the sun
and the air -- and stone and fruit
of the earth on the tip,
middle, and back
of the tongue.
How can a heart not cry out
that it is inspired?

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  1. This is the best poem you've written since starting the blog! Wonderful!