Friday, April 6, 2012

9. Enchante

9. Enchante
I was pleased to meet you.
Deep garnet swelled in my glass,
vivid aromas.

Smell: fresh berries ripe, oozing
Taste: earthy summer sweetness.

Enchante is one of William+Chris's most interesting blends. And yes, I know I have already touted their Malbec, but this is a different essence of a one-of-a-kind winery. This is a winery that stakes its name on blends: Artist, Hunter, etc. They create harmony in their wines. They bring together their best fruits and craft art in liquid form. Enchante encapsulates this.

This is a wine that calls to the drinker with just the nose. The powerful smell of berries wafts forward. But it isn't just berries, but very ripe berries. It reminds of last May when I went to pick strawberries and peaches at Marburger Orchard. The strawberries were nearing the end of their season; they were ripe, and you could smell it. And so could the bees. By the time we got to the peaches, the late Spring sun -- more like a summer sun for most people -- was already baring down on us. The split peaches around us oozed and sent their scent everywhere. When I drink the wine, I think of this.

As for the taste, it reminds me of the winery and vineyard in Hye. There is this unpretentious nature to it, natural, earthy. It is a solid flavor. In fact, after being out in their fields, it definitely makes me think of the soil -- like most Texas soils, very heavy with minerals. But it tastes like the smell. I wonder what it is like in a vineyard just before or during harvesting. The wine must taste like that smells.

Enchante is William+Chris; it is their heart and soul. They are happy to share this wine with people and use it to help new friends get to know them.

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