Monday, April 7, 2014

Unforseen Lover: Italian Reds from Hye Meadow

Ever darkening, purple spreads across
the blue sky; it deepens
shade by shade across the horizon,
fills every inch in soft darkness
that hides and does not judge.

This day sinks into the inky
comfortable depths, uncoils
for a pale star who shyly peaks,
slowly slides, out: stirring, growing
brighter, but not too bright.

To the left, another, slips
between folds. The lights fills in,
yet dim, and melds into the sky,
blends into a deep purple blush.
And the faraway moon shimmers
an outline, fading into endless waves.

Tonight, the light grows faint,
cradled in the arms of the night.

NOTE: Recently, Hye Meadow Winery released a pair or lush Italian red varietals: Dolcetto and Aglianico. The Aglianico specifically, is a rich wine whose flavors build and become rich and full as the wine moves. A forthcoming Montepulciano (that I tasted in the barrel with winemaker Jeff Ivy) creates a similar experience, but it has a very dark and romantic core. These two wines transported me and inspired this poem.

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